How To Write a Resume Cover Letter

You will need to write a resume cover letter whenever you send your resume to a potential employer. The letter should:
  • be brief, polite and courteous
  • capture the employer's attention and make them want to see you
  • show why you are writing by making specific reference to the job you are applying for
  • indicate why your employment will benefit the company in a positive way
  • if you are comfortable doing so, ask for an interview.

The kind of specific information that must be included when you write a resume cover letter means that each must be written individually. Each cover letter must also be typed perfectly showing your professional approach and attention to detail.

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Whilst ResumeEdge can write a resume cover letter for you from scratch they also provide an editing service to rewrite your current cover letter and tailor this to your desired job. If you would prefer this you can use the following advice to help you write a resume cover letter before using the editing service:

How to write a resume cover letter – the salutation
When you write your cover letter, this should be addressed by name to the person you want to talk with. That person is the one who can recruit you.

This is almost certainly not someone in the HR department, and it is probably not a department head either. It is most likely to be the person who will actually supervise you once you start work. Call the firm to make sure you have the right name. Be certain that you spell it correctly.

How to write a resume cover letter – the opening paragraph
The opening paragraph when you write your resume cover letter is crucial and must appeal to the reader. A cover letter is a sales letter and sales are made after you capture a person's attention.

You can capture the reader's attention most easily by talking about the firm rather than yourself, so mention projects under development, recent awards, or favorable comments recently published about the firm.

Then explain why you are contacting this person in particular and mention the job or type of position you are seeking. If you are answering an advertisement, this is where you should mention it. Or, if someone suggested that you write, be sure to use their name (with permission, of course) if you are sure it will further your cause.

How to write a resume cover letter – the body
The body of the resume cover letter gives a brief description of your professional and / or academic qualifications and refers to your resume, where your sales campaign can continue.

Show in this paragraph how you can benefit the firm by giving details of why you should be considered for employment. It is also worth mentioning one or two of your skills or abilities that are directly relevant to the job you are applying for.

In summary, this paragraph should persuade the employer that there are real reasons to give your application serious consideration.

How to write a resume cover letter – the closing paragraph
You cannot have what you do not ask for. When you write a resume cover letter, at the end of the letter, if you feel comfortable doing so, request an interview.

If you decide to do this, suggest a time and state that you will confirm the appointment. If you do not wish to do this, be sure to detail exactly where and when you can be contacted.

Just as first impressions count, so do last impressions. When you write a resume cover letter, this part has to convince an employer that you must be called for an interview.

How to write a resume cover letter – the closing
Use a standard business letter close, such as "Yours sincerely," leave three or four lines for your signature, and type your name.

According to ResumeEdge, hiring managers spend no more than 30 seconds per cover letter, and often only 10 seconds. You must capture their attention from the first word.

Based on the success of ResumeEdge customers in being offered a job (in 5 weeks compared to the national average of 13 weeks) and the 99%+ customer satisfaction rates, Employment360 highly recommend the services of ResumeEdge to help you edit or write a resume cover letter to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

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Once your cover letter is completed, you are ready to send this and your resume to your chosen prospective employer.

Before you do, if you have written your own cover letter, use the following checklist to catch any minor points and also make sure you have a proper record of whom you have contacted.

Checklist after you write a resume cover letter

  • Have you double-checked to make sure there are no spelling or typing errors?
  • Is the cover letter properly addressed?
  • Does your resume cover letter have relevance, such as mentioning how you have demonstrated the required skills that were stated in the advertisement?
  • Is the cover letter focused to the reader?
  • Have you stressed what you can do for the employer, rather than what they can do for you?
  • Is your cover letter no more than one page? Any more than this and it requires to be edited.
  • Check that you have not over-used “I”, the sentences are properly focused and that the resume cover letter is brief and concise.
  • Make sure you send an original and keep a copy, particularly noting the date.
  • Have you signed the letter?
  • Have you enclosed your resume?

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