Resume Distribution Services

Why did resume distribution services appear?
As the Internet changed traditional methods of recruitment many job seekers registered with online job boards and added their resume to the resume banks available so that prospective employers and recruiters could find them if they were searching for particular skills.

However, new candidates now post around 10,000 resumes daily to these resume banks and it is much more difficult for your resume to be found.

What do resume distribution services do?
An alternative approach that is available to you is to use one of the many resume distribution services available to send your resume direct to targeted recruiters. This does considerably increase your chances of being matched to a job that is suitable for you. It can also give you access to hidden jobs that recruiters may not advertise.

Is it worth using resume distribution services?
The answer to this question will depend upon your own preferences and circumstances. If you are actively seeking a new job and want something to happen soon, resume distribution offers you a very effective method of accelerating this process and you should seriously consider using one of the services detailed below.

However, if you are not actively seeking a job but would be interested in discussing possibilities if an employer or recruiter contacted you, then these services may not be the best option for you.

In this case, using a service such as that offered by Employment 911 to post your resume to the top 80 job sites on the Internet is more likely to be the best approach for you and it will also save you considerable time.

How do you decide what resume distribution services to use?
If you have decided that resume distribution services are likely to be of benefit to you in your job search then depending upon the nature of your job search the services that you need, and the provider of these, will differ.

There are two key types of resume distribution services, which are detailed below:

  1. ‘Non-Executive’ resume distribution services
    If you are looking for a graduate or entry level job, or are a job seeker with between 2 and 15 years experience and are not looking for an executive job, then the number of services now available to you is extensive. However, the key objective when you are using these services is to make sure that your resume is seen by as many targeted recruiters as possible.

    For this reason, highly recommend the services offered by Beyond who are one of the leading resume distribution services on the Internet, and make sure your resume is seen by over 10,000 of the top recruiters and headhunters. Once you've signed up at the site look under "Career Resources >> Resume and Portfolio >> Distribute Your Resume Today, Get Hired Tomorrow" and you can find all the details of their service.

    A key aspect of the Beyond service is that you can target the resume distribution by recruiters and geographical location, which greatly increases your chances of finding a suitable job early on in your job search.

  2. Executive / senior level resume distribution services
    If you are looking for an executive or senior-level job, then you need to find a service that is targeted at executive recruiters. These do tend to be exclusive networks so can be difficult to find on the Internet.

    To help you with this and save you considerable time, highly recommend 6FigureJobs who offer a well established, and free, service that enables you to make your completed resume and profile available to executive recruiters in the industry and functional area of your choice.

    All you have to do is sign up at their site, add your resume and define your areas of expertise and the industries that interest you. The whole process can be completed in less than 15 minutes, whereas in the past this took many days to complete.

    You can then make your resume available to renowned corporate recruiters and executive search firms and access their exclusive job postings on the site. Whilst this is slight different to a traditional resume distribution service, it gives you access to the executive recruiters who are actively seeking candidates.

As mentioned above, whether or not you decide to use any of these services will ultimately depend upon the nature of your own job search and how you decide to approach it.

If you do use a resume distribution service, please remember that this is only one part of your overall job search. Please click here to visit our Job Search Tip Center to look at all the approaches you should be taking as part of your job search strategy.

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