Choosing The Best Job Posting Web Site

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The question of which job posting web site you should use when you are going to post a job online can seem daunting at first, as there are currently thousands of job sites in the US alone.

These job web sites can range from a very small specialist web site catering for a specific industry in a specific geographic area to a major generalist job site that has geographical reach right across the US.

The first step to help you decide which job posting site you should post your job listing on is to determine the level of the job that you are seeking to fill.

This helps to improve the focus of your advertising without restricting the geographical reach of your job posting campaign.

If the position that you are seeking to fill is at executive or senior-level, please click here to find the most suitable executive job site.

If the position that you are seeking to fill is a graduate or entry-level position, please click here to find the most suitable graduate job site.

For all other job openings there are really only two key sites that you need to visit to post a job online, which reduces considerably the amount of time that need to spend and lets you focus on actually recruiting candidates. Each job posting web site is detailed next and when you click on the link a new window will appear.

  • The first important job posting web site to visit has to be Monster which is the number one destination for many job seekers, with 25 million job seeker members and monthly traffic figures of approximately 35 to 40 million unique visitors.

    In the past it was important to also post a job listing on Yahoo! Hot Jobs as there was limited ‘cross-visitation’ between Monster and Hot Jobs, so you achieved maximum coverage by posting on both sites.

    However, Monster completed the acquisition of Yahoo! Hot Jobs in August 2010 and and according to comScore (April 2010) the combined presence of Monster and HotJobs was expected to reach almost two thirds of the total U.S. Internet population, with the combined brand reaching more than 130 million unique visitors.

    For this reason, it becomes even more important to post a job on what is now known as the Monster-HotJobs job posting website.

  • The second important job posting web site that you must visit is Employment911 although for a slightly different reason than the first two listed above.

    Employment911 is one of the largest job posting networks, which means that when you post a job on their site this job listing is distributed to an extensive network that includes many online job sites (such as AltaVista, FlipDog and Yahoo! but unfortunately not Monster-HotJobs yet), industry sites, colleges and universities and many others.

    According to Employment 911 this network means that when you post job listings with them you will reach over 70% of the Internet.

Taken together, if you post a job listing to these two major job posting web sites, you will ensure that your job listing receives maximum exposure across the US as well as on each and every specialist job posting web site that you need to advertise on.

You only need to consider additional web sites if you are going to post a job for an executive position or a graduate job. You can find more information on the best executive job posting web site and the best graduate job posting web site by clicking on these links.

Click here to post a job at Monster

Click here to post a job at Monster