Tips for Job Posting Online

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There are many places where you can post a job online but there is not much advice on job posting online for you, the employer or recruiter.

Within this resource section you can also click on the following links to find information on developing your own business-specific Internet recruiting system and what job sites you should visit when job posting online.

This page focuses on what you should include in the job listing when you are posting this online. The importance of a well-crafted job posting can sometimes be overlooked but how your job posting is written is directly linked to how successful it will be.

There are two key benefits that a carefully drafted job listing delivers:

  1. You benefit because you reduce the likelihood of receiving unqualified candidates.
  2. The job seeker benefits because when they read the job posting they are in a better position to decide if the job is suitable for them.

When writing the job listing, you can use the following approach to keep this well focused and provide sufficient information to potential candidates.

Job Posting Online – The Title
The title of your job listing is critical in determining whether or not your job posting will ever be clicked upon. You need to use the title to give the job seeker a clear reason to click through to your job posting online so make sure that you spend some time on this part of the listing.

Remember that job sites work the same way as search engines. Candidates key in the type of jobs that they are searching for using keywords such as “Software Engineer” and if you have the keyword in your title then your job posting online will be shown in the job search results.

It is important therefore that you identify the keywords that you would expect the right candidates to use to find your job posting online and include these in your title.

Job Posting Online – The Content
The content section can be split into three sections covering

  • The job description and responsibilities
    You can use your internal job description as a starting point for this part of the job listing and you need to make sure that it conveys exactly what the successful candidate will be expected to do in the job.
  • The skill requirements that candidates should have
    You should be as specific as possible when defining skill requirements so that potential candidates can use this section to decide if they would be suitable for the job.
  • Appropriate professional qualifications and / or education
    What professional qualifications and / or level of education does the successful candidate need to have? Again, be specific so that you can ensure your job posting online attracts the right candidates.

Job Posting Online – The Contact Details
You must include any instructions for job seekers, such as where to send their resume, company and contact addresses and you should also include your company’s web page address for information.

Once you have put together the wording for your job listing, you need to consider where this should be posted to attract the right candidates. For more information on this, please click here to go to Choosing a Job Posting Web Site.

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Click here to post a job at Monster - the number 1 job site on the web...