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Welcome to the Job Interview Tip Center.

At some stage in your job search you will be asked to attend a job interview. Each interview tip below links to a resource page that will help you to prepare for, and feel confident about, your job interview.

One useful job interview tip that you don’t see very often is to remember that the job interview experience can be just as nerve-racking for the interviewer (and sometimes more so). Think about the pressure on them to make the right decision - and the cost to the company if they get it wrong!

Please click on the link beside each tip below to go to that resource:

Interview Tip 1:
Sample Job Interview Question Center
This resource provides a comprehensive list of sample job interview questions that you may be asked or that you can ask during a job interview, as well as advice on how you should approach different types of question…

Interview Tip 2:
Job Interview Question and Answer Center
This job interview tip resource covers some of the most awkward job interview questions that you may be asked and provides advice on what the employer’s objective is in each question and how you should respond…

Interview Tip 3:
Sending a Thank You Letter after Interview
One of the most overlooked areas of the job search process. As a matter of courtesy you should send a thank you letter after a job interview. It also has the benefit of drawing the attention of the interviewer after you have gone...

Interview Tip 4:
Visit the Employment360 Job Interview Articles Directory
We have gathered together a collection of useful articles, advice and tips to help you prepare for and perform well at your job interview. There are currently 23 job interview articles in the Directory covering everything from the top 10 interview questions you'll most likely be asked to what you can expect at a second interview. And, as you'd expect from Employment360, it's all free...

Each of the above tips provides you with resources to help you impress an interviewer and get your name to the top of the successful candidate list.

Within the web site there are a number of other resource sections covering Resumes, Covering Letters, Job Search Strategies and Career Planning.

So that you can visit these resource sections at the most appropriate time for you during your job search we would recommend saving this page to your favorites.

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