Interview Thank You Letters

Did you know that interview thank you letters can increase your chance of getting the job? Read the following article for more information...

Interview Thank You Letters

In this tight job market, with countless candidates vying for the same position, to be called in for an interview is a success not many jobseekers experience.

To make the most of the after-interview stage, always send a personalized thank you letter to the hiring authority.

Not only does this indicate unusual and continued interest in the position, but it also shows follow-through and a professionalism that simply can’t be beat.

Make sure that your thank you letter uses the same heading as your resume and initial cover letter, as this maintains consistency.

Keep the content brief, mentioning only the highlights of your meeting with the hiring manager.

This will serve to remind that person of the skills and qualifications you can bring to the opening.

If there were some matters that you forgot to mention during the interview, such as your ability to work extra hours and take on extra responsibilities, a thank you letter is the perfect way to introduce this.

Another reason why you should send interview thank you letters - in a recent survey, 94% of recruiters that we surveyed said that if they received an interview thank you letter it would increase the applicant’s chances of getting the job.

However, in the same survey we found that less than 20% of applicants actually send an interview thank you letter!

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