Information on Writing a Resume

There are generally three types of information on writing a resume that job seekers look for:
  1. Writing a resume for the first time
  2. Writing a resume that needs updated
  3. Information on professional resume writing services

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The article that follows provides information on writing a resume that needs to be updated and focuses on how to address some of the weaknesses that may exist in your resume.

1. Information on writing a resume - no clear job objective
Every resume should be drawn up with the aim of getting a specific job. Doing this will help you focus your resume on what the specific requirements of the job are, and then on showing how your experience demonstrates your ability to fulfil those requirements.

It can also be worth putting a Job Objective statement at the start of your resume, as this gives immediate context and focus to a reader.

2. Information on writing a resume - the resume is too self-centered
Many people compose their resume from their own perspective. But the focus of your resume is all about persuading an employer that you can do the job they want you to do.

Always try to see things from the employer's perspective. For every example that you include, step into the shoes of the employer and ask yourself “Does this persuade me that this person can do the job?”

3. Information on writing a resume - poor presentation
Even if you've tackled the two issues above, you can still let yourself down with poor presentation. It doesn't matter if your resume has focus and contains all the evidence that you can do the job - if it's poorly presented, why should a potential employer take the time to read it? In particular: -

  • Use bold headings and white space to define the various sections of your resume - this will guide the reader.
  • Keep the length short - this will encourage you to focus on the essential details of your resume.

4. Information on writing a resume - lacking experience
If you're planning a career change, returning to work, or you've just left school or college, you may not have experience of working in a particular job. If this is you, don’t worry. All you need to do is make the most of what you have. Remember that it is extremely rare for an employer to find someone who can do the job from day one. The key phrase here is 'transferable skills'.

All jobs require some skills that are dependent on the person doing the job, such as being able to communicate, being attentive to detail, managing people and budgets. Focus on identifying these transferable skills and how you have demonstrated them and highlight them in your resume.

5. Information on writing a resume - gaps in work history
If there are gaps in your work history, for whatever reason, there are essentially two ways you can deal with this. Firstly, you can draw the reader's attention to them by presenting your reasons in the most positive way you can, e.g. Career Break – state this and show the relevant positive experiences that you gained during your time off. Alternatively, you can change the format of your resume from the more ‘traditional’ chronological style to the functional style resume.

Whichever way you choose, it's important to emphasize that you should acknowledge that these gaps exist and be prepared to address them in your resume and at the interview.

This information on writing a resume shows you briefly how to address some of the most common concerns that you may face when you are writing your resume. For more detailed help on this subject, highly recommend ResumeEdge who will work with you to professionally edit or write your resume to ensure that this is unique and memorable.

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