Help! I Hate My Job!

Do you hate your job? Use the tips in this article to help you make it easier until you find a way to improve your situation.

Help! I Hate My Job!

I know you know the feeling. The alarm goes off, you press the snooze button. It goes off again. You press the button again. You do this two or three times before you face the fact that you have to get up and get ready to go to that place.

You know what place I am talking about.

It is the place where you spend most of your time wishing that you were somewhere else. It's your job. You have been working there for several months or even years. You dread it but can't escape it.

Everyone knows you hate it.

You tell anyone that will listen how much you can't stand that place. But you stay because you have an "I hate it but..." thing going on.

  • You hate it but the money is good.
  • You hate it but all your friends work there.
  • You hate it but the hours are great.
  • You hate it but it allows you to take care of your responsibilities.
  • You hate it but it allows you put the Jones's to shame.

Whatever your reason is for not going on to greener pastures doesn't matter. For right now you are staying with your current occupation or company so here are some tips to help you make it through another workday:

Pinpoint exactly what it is that you hate about your job. To your surprise, you may be able to do something about the things that bother you the most.

If you can't stand the person in the cube next to you, it is possible that you may find someone that would like to switch cubes with you.

Think about the things that you like about your job. After refocusing your thoughts about a situation, the situation may not change but the way you feel about it might.

Honestly assess your skills. If you just can't put a positive spin on it, no matter how you look at it. Or, there are absolutely no actions possible that can be taken, you need to take an inventory of what you bring to the table.

After assessing your skills, you should consider on your own time, what other table you would like to sit at. After circulating your resume you may find that you could be happier in a different department within your current company or at a different company all together.

Find non-work related activities to engage in.

Remember, it is just a job.

Unless what you do is the nearest and dearest thing to your heart, which if it was you wouldn't be reading this, than pursues interests that have nothing to do with your workplace. This will give you something else to think about besides how much you don't like your job.

When you physically leave the building mentally leave your job. Don't think about the people or place if you don't have to. If something happened during the day that made you upset, don't relive the moment by repeating the story over and over to others. Leave it within those walls. When you physically enter the buildings mentally start your job.

You are not going to magically love your job but you can at least cut down on the amount of times you press the snooze button in the morning.

Kenya Abney followed her own advice and recently had a job change. She has also started to seriously pursue a writing career.

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Do You Hate Your Job?
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