Job Application Follow Up Letters

Did you know that an application follow up letter can increase your chance of getting the job? Read the following article for more information...

Job Application Follow Up Letters

A follow up letter sent a few weeks after the initial application is essential in today’s poor job market.

Hiring managers are seeing more and more applicants for each position and are generally so swamped that they cannot respond to all of them.

Nor will they remember most.

To ensure that your candidacy gets the attention it deserves, use a follow up letter to again place yourself in front of the hiring manager.

Not only will that person take note of your continued interest in the position, but you will certainly move ahead of those other, similarly qualified candidates who did not send a follow up letter.

To ensure a professional look for your follow up letter and to maintain consistency, use the same heading that was on your resume and initial cover letter.

Within the body of the follow up letter, reiterate your most stellar qualifications as they relate to this position.

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