Graduate Employee Recruiting

Click here to post a job listing on Monster and get seen on MonsterCollege..

When you are about to embark upon a graduate employee recruiting campaign it is very important to define your objectives and success criteria at the outset.

The way that the Internet has changed the recruiting landscape offers you, as an employer or recruiter, many benefits, such as lower cost, geographical reach and the speed and ease with which you can receive applications.

Whilst this page focuses on graduate recruiting, if you are looking to recruit mid career or more experienced employees, please click here to visit our resource on the best web sites to place your job listings which has all the information that you will need.

To help you maximize the benefits of the online aspect of your graduate employee recruiting campaign, at the same time as taking steps to minimize the costs you can use the following approach:

Step 1: Prepare the graduate job posting, using the Employment360: How should you write the online job posting? resource page.

Step 2: Submit your graduate job posting to get this in front of the best graduate candidates online.

  • The key graduate employee recruiting web site that you must visit to post a graduate job listing is Monster which is the largest recruiting web site on the Internet, and attracts a large number of graduates and entry-level employees through its MonsterCollegeā„¢ community website.

    It is linked to most colleges and universities across the US and because of its geographical reach will almost certainly provide qualified candidates in response to your job posting.

    Posting your job listing on this top graduate employee recruiting web site will greatly increase your chances of finding a suitably qualified candidate for your graduate job or entry level position.

    Step 3: In addition, for graduate employee recruiting, it is certainly worth considering posting your job listing on the other key site that we recommend on our best web sites to place your job listings page.

    It is almost certain that potential graduate employees will also visit other sites as part of their job search so your job listing needs to be available for them to find.

    Click here to post a job listing on Monster and get seen on MonsterCollege..