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The key objective of a career assessment test, which is sometimes referred to as an occupational inventory test, is to identify your own career interests and motivations to build a career profile for you.

The test consists of a series of questions in which you are asked to rank your preferences against different careers. This is one of the best ways for you to identify what your real career interests are, so that you can then match this with your natural abilities.

Your answers in the test are then used to develop your career preferences and matched to occupational categories to produce a report that will help to give you a competitive edge in your career planning.

The one thing to remember about any career test is that there is no wrong answer, as the output is a measure of your own preferences, which you can use to better understand what you really want to do in your career.

To help you with your career planning, have teamed up with the International Assessment Network who are a leader in career assessment testing, to bring you the MAPP occupational interest test. This will help you identify your own career interests and develop a profile of the careers that will give you the greatest potential for success.

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