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The key objective of a career aptitude test is to help you understand your own natural or acquired abilities and identify the career choices that your aptitudes are best matched to.

To help you with this, have teamed up with the International Assessment Network who are a leader in career aptitude testing, to bring you a choice of aptitude tests that will help you identify your own unique aptitude abilities and match these to careers that suit you.

A summary of the types of aptitude test that you are likely to complete is given below. The one thing to remember when you complete these tests is that there is no wrong answer. The objective is to understand your own abilities better.

Career Aptitude Test 1: Numerical Reasoning
Tests your ability with numerical problems and helps to identify your suitability for careers such as banking or accountancy.

Career Aptitude Test 2: Verbal Reasoning
Tests your ability to reason logically in verbal terms identifying skills that you may need for careers such as law or psychology.

Career Aptitude Test 3: Abstract Reasoning
This test covers your ability to reason with visual configurations – such as patterns – and is a non-verbal measure of reasoning ability. The test identifies aptitudes for careers such as design or architecture.

Career Aptitude Test 4: Mechanical Reasoning
Tests your ability to understand the underlying principles behind machines and your suitability for careers in areas such as engineering or science.

Career Aptitude Test 5: Language Usage
This test covers your ability to communicate and your language skills and identifies those skills that you would need for careers such as writing or teaching.

Career Aptitude Test 6: Spelling
Tests the important skill of spelling and is used to identify your suitability for careers in areas such as journalism or secretarial work.

Career Aptitude Test 7: Spatial Relations
This test covers your ability to deal with mathematical concepts at a high level and can be used in conjunction with the mechanical reasoning aptitude test to indicate an aptitude for scientific careers.

As you will see from the list above, each career aptitude test focuses on different abilities that you may have and the results of all tests are then combined to establish what you are best suited to.

These tests are one of the best ways for you to identify where your natural abilities will give you a competitive edge in your career planning and to make sure that you are on the right career path.

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