How to Find an Average Job Salary

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When you are doing research to find the average job salary for your chosen job and industry, you should attempt to establish the salary progression opportunities, differences that may exist because of location and also be able to place a value on qualifications that you may have or may decide to study for. To do this, you should seek to answer the following questions:
  • What is the average salary for entry level or graduate positions?
  • What is the average job salary after 5 to 10 years in the role?
  • What is the average job salary for executives in this role?
  • Does the average job salary vary by geographical location?
  • Does the average job salary vary with typical qualifications?

If you need information to help you in any salary negotiations, it is very important to be aware of the specific factors that are likely to affect your own salary, such as location and company size.

To find these out the best resource available is the Personal Salary Report (prices start at only $29 - available from that is personalized to reflect your own years of experience, performance, education and other factors that are known to influence your pay.

If, however you are looking for more general career salary comparison information, then a useful starting point is the Salary Wizard which is also provided by

You can select the details that you require in the Salary Wizard and click on the Search button to be taken to the site for the results.

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You should also visit the following two sites where you can find information on average job salaries and earnings by occupation and industry:

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    This is the online version of the handbook that is published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The site provides you with "Earnings" and other detailed information for 250 occupations.

    The Salary and Hiring Data area of the Wall Street Journal's Career section provides average job salaries and profiles across industries.

For more information on negotiating your salary, you can also click here to visit our Salary Negotiation Tip Center.

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Increase Your Average Job Salary Today. Search Online Degrees In Your Area...

Increase Your Average Job Salary Today.
Search Online Degrees In Your Area...