Why Fresh Options Spring
Up After a Career Drought

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Are you looking for some new career opportunities? This article will give you some ideas on where you may find these.

Why Fresh Options Spring Up After a Career Drought

Where I live in the High Desert of New Mexico, we're always happy to see rain. And when heavy rains come after a drought, everything starts growing at once.

Recently three people wrote to say that, after a long drought of opportunity, they were suddenly faced with many options and choices -- all coming at once.

"What's going on?" they asked. "Did the wind change? Or the moon move into a new phase?"

Maybe. But I recommend looking for empowering explanations.

(1) Some industries wax and wane with the economy. Some are countercyclical (such as bankruptcy lawyers). When business booms, you can save for the next bust. You might even consider juggling two career paths.

(2) Your career hibernates during career winter and you wonder if you'll ever see sun again. But now it's spring! All your seeds have come up and once -- even those you forgot to water. Don't forget to spend summer preparing for fall harvest.

(3) Another cliché: all the world loves a lover. Ever notice how people pine for a soulmate, only to find themselves turning down dates after they embark on a serious relationship?

As opportunities and options enter your life, you radiate qualities that attract others. Your joy and confidence shines through your job search and business marketing strategy. Who could resist offering you even more?

We need to find ways to keep positive momentum going, because light happy energy attracts.

That's why we're often advised to focus on accomplishments, appreciate our strengths and find at least one pocket of bliss every single day. Walking the dog usually works.

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., author of Making the Big Move, helps midlife professionals navigate career and business transitions.

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